Who Are We?

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We are marketing wizards. We create branded content experiences for businesses who want to stand out from competitors. Our team consists of top rated marketers, writers, designers, and developers who create 10x campaigns which connect with customers and helps you meet your brand goals – whether it be sales or engagement.

Great design is at the heart of all of our projects, blended with words which matter and result oriented marketing funnels. Backed by years of sound content experience, we have mastered the art of writing, designing, marketing, and web development.

We are headquartered in Noida, India.

Our Mission

Inventive • Progressive • Accessible
Our mission is simple:

To help you skyrocket your business with ideas that click.

MRE was founded with the holistic vision of enabling companies of all sizes – and budgets – gain swift access to the latest and most cutting edge technologies and ideas for communications, marketing, and sales.

Many digital marketing initiatives that you’ve planned to kick in action, but cannot because of lack of expertise, the resources, or budget – that’s where we step in!

Our Values
  • Every success story has a journey, and that’s the reason why they’re in business. As a marketing wizard, we love connecting your journey to your clients.
  • Every project has a story, and good storytelling can captivate the right audience.
  • Marketing buzzwords fizzle out, but great content leaves an impression.
  • That no industry has to be dry, boring, or resort to tired cliches
  • That creativity and results go hand-in-hand.

We believe that strategy, creativity, and results go hand-in-hand. We help brands live their stories and extend their experiences to the right people ensuring attainment of the brand goals.

Good marketing never runs after sales.

It hooks sales.

What Makes Us Unique?

Of course, you keep hearing similar things all the time. Then, why should you choose us over someone else?

What sets us apart from others is we don’t delude ourselves into assuming we have all the answers. We work to complement you, not to take over.

We treat every case differently because every company is unique, and requires a customized marketing strategy that brings out the uniqueness. The strategy is elevated through planned, calculated, cost-effective tactical execution.

“MRE’s goal is to enable companies of all sizes raise the quality, efficiency and productivity of their marketing and communications.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is here to help your market grow, and develop your business – but without any overhead expense that top talent usually demands.”

Rishav Raj

Rishav Raj
MRE Founder / CEO

Marketing Wizards That Drive ROI

Although it sounds obvious, it’s always important to highlight the commercial aspects of your clients’ business.

From the way a lot of marketing agencies work, a lot of people mistakenly think marketing is all about making “pretty pictures.”

That's not what we do.

Every marketing initiative must show a Return On Investment. No ROI means no real contribution to the business.

That’s a complete waste of our time – and your money.

It’s not ‘marketing’ unless it creates sales.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

We are a team of enthusiastic and goal driven professionals that never settles for anything less than the best. Our vision is to make a difference in the world of marketing. We take great pleasure in helping our clients succeed with the most practical solutions. We love to stay up to date and redefine commerce constantly We love to see where new projects take us and enjoy trying new things while using the techniques of our pasts.
Our undying passion for doing better translates to our success.

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Our Team

We Are The Can Do People!

  • We’re a team of makers, thinkers, creators and explorers.
  • We’re constantly fueled by passion.
  • We’re serious about delivering outcomes that make an impact.
  • It’s not just our work life, it’s our life’s work.