Development Process

The biggest challenge our developers faced when they created multilayer filter listing for the CBD products. They customized Magento CMS in a way that the filtration featured like plug and play. We created the Filter functionality successfully by customizing the Magento without tampering its default functionality. Our developers held to a systematic approach for successfully developing the final application for the client.

We ensured the client get whatever they require and end the contract on a satisfactory note. All the features and functionalities were provided to the client as intended.

Time Duration

01 Month

Team Effort

06 Persons

Business Needs

The client wanted an e-commerce platform for customers from where they could shop for good quality CBD products of their choice. The client’s objective was to offer all variety of CBD products under one platform. They wanted a user-friendly interface for buyers.

The client wanted the following features on their e-commerce website:

  • Seller acquisition
  • One-stop solution for CBD products
  • Quick uploads and checkout
  • Secure payment
  • No glitches

After our due diligence, our developers created a fully automated online store, giving users a physical store kind of feeling. Products were divided into categories for the ease of selection, forms were created for retailers and buyers, along with a secure payment gateway.