How to Ace Your E-Commerce Brand?

Ace Your E-Commerce Brand

The digital landscape is expanding at a crazy pace. There are thousands of e-commerce websites opened every hour all around the globe. Surprisingly the number of e-commerce business websites which wither and die after six months is higher than the number of e-commerce websites being established daily. This paints an incredibly bleak picture of online shopping stores. Only one in a million will perform as expected. Why do you think that is? E-commerce has given an excellent opportunity to sellers. Drop-shipping is taking online shopping to un-scalable heights. Yet, so many people fail! On average, the E-Commerce industry experiences 56% shopping cart abandonment. That is sheer madness if you are a seller. Are you planning to run an E-commerce website in India? read here what you should know Today I am going to share 5 unique features which are a must on your website. If you apply these features, be assured that your website visitors will convert.

1. Appealing Product Visualization

People do not do window shopping while making purchases online as much as they do in the retail market. Most of the users have immediate intent to buy, or they are screening products for future use. Product Visualization makes their job easier.


It helps them to get familiar with every aspect of a product and helps them make informed decisions which increases the chances of a conversion and a positive review.

Adding a zoom feature and a demo product video will considerably increase the chances of sales. Zoom can allow consumers to get a better understanding of a product. Product videos give consumers ease of mind. 52% of buyers say that a product video made them more confident about their purchase.

Recently top brands have also started 3D Experience for consumers. 3D product imaging will increase customer engagement and also boost conversions.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)–

AI has penetrated our day to day lives. Starting from smart homes to healthcare and finance, AI has turned to be extremely efficient in driving desired results.


When it comes to practical business application, no one can question the relevance of data-driven analysis. Machine learning can efficiently track metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rate, website traffic, engagement rate, etc. and help you prepare a strategy.

This will allow you to effectively analyze customer behavior on your website by using algorithms to predict what products may appeal to your prospects and provide recommendations. Machine learning algorithms can also be applied to automate your logistics and warehouse operations.

3. Advance Product Filtering

The world is moving at a fast pace and consumers want to save as much time as they can. It is easy to get lost in thousands of products on a website and finally get tired and give up.

More than 42% of E-commerce websites lack this feature which makes it more critical for you to add on your site, guaranteeing you are ahead in the game. Product filters will allow your consumers to go through the options they are looking for. It presents an elegant shopping experience and also saves time. Add different product filters based on size, brand, color, etc., and you will experience a significant bump in your sales conversions.

4. Chat bots

Whenever you are shopping in-house at a luxury brand, you will always experience an eager shopping assistant trying to help you with your purchases. Chat bots replicate the same experience in online shopping.


A live chat bot creates a highly personalized experience. It can guide consumers down the sales funnel by influencing their purchasing decisions. Chat bots can also be programmed to fetch data from email marketing campaigns, up-sell and cross-sell products, offer discounts codes, and so on.

Chat bots can also track your inventory and inform customers if a product they were looking for is in stock.

5. Payment and delivery options

Every customer is unique and so should be your payment and delivery options. Add every possible payment option – cards, wallets, net banking, bank transfer and most importantly COD. COD is still the most used payment option.


Similarly, include other options like early shipping and same day delivery wherever applicable. People want stuff, and they want it now. Waiting for long periods is a joy killer. Shipping delays can lead to frustrated customers and bad reviews. Make sure you get their goods delivered before you promise.

The Last Word

The e-commerce vertical is expanding rapidly. Technological advancements are fueling sustainable growth. Till the time you stay on top of the game and keep on evolving as the industry does, you will succeed. People are waiting with their wallets out, give them a reason to spend!

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