How to Increase Organic Visits on Your Website

increase organic traffic

Does getting to the top of Google and increasing more organic visits from search tools feel like a way back? Chances are either you are going to use SEO or pay for some ads. SEO is the way to improve your site’s performance to increase search engine results, page rankings, and, in turn, increased organic traffic.

There’s another way to get engagement from Google? This is a way that didn’t take as long as Search Engine Optimization and didn’t cost money like paid advertisements. Furthermore, I’m not discussing Google News, there is actually a simpler way. 

So, what is it?

It’s Google Discover. This is a google feed similar to the feeds on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also connect with us at MRE Services to get expert advice and know more about Google Discover in detail to increase your organic visit. 

Optimization of Google Discover

Luckily, it’s not as knotty as SEO, and the results come much faster. Still not very prompt, but gradually you would see your Discover traffic continually rising. 

Below Discussed are 4 Simple Tips to Help You:

1) Make sure that you use high-quality images because images appear with every Discover result. So using high-quality and relevant images that follow your content is important. And just like with your titles and headlines, try to pick images that are more likely to tempt clicks. Images that are shocking or summon interest will work.


2) Quality content makes all the difference, but if you don’t write about the right stuff, then at that point, you won’t show up. Check with the topics Google recommends following inside of Discover to check whether those topics align with your website. If it does, consider utilizing their proposed topics as a guide to what users are interested in and write similar content. Obviously, you won’t prefer to copy others and want to go beyond so that you can one-up your competition. 


3) Ideally, when you are writing your website content, you’re already considering maximizing your content. What I mean by this is that- Maximizing the content to use the website as an API for your content. Your content lives on your website, but ideally, you are creating it, keeping in mind how it can be promoted, or posted in other areas as you can secure backlinks and attract social engagement across different channels. For all this, you need to concentrate on topics that are trending, that can be shared, can grow interested, and also focus on enticing headlines and titles. Please do keep in mind that Google Discover is like a social feed. If you are attempting to make your content work hard for you on your website, you’re not getting enough in return.


4) Choose the correct keywords. Keywords that have a lot of search traffic are likely to get the most Google Discover traffic. So, don’t write the content until you have a keyword list to guide you. There are various tools that will help you find the average number of monthly searches for your target keywords and help you drive extra Discover traffic.



Whether you are familiar with Discover or not, it doesn’t matter but as a marketer, you need to go for some other channel too. Plus you should also not believe in traffic from only one channel because the moment it changes its rule, it can crash your traffic too.

So, If you want to increase the organic visits to your website or want some expert advice?

Visit MRE Services for website review and organic traffic. Our expert team will assess the performance and health of your website, and provide support with personalized suggestions and advice to help you to achieve your goals.

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