Tool Review- Let the Pro tool do the magic to your website

With the elite social media presence comes the huge responsibility of nurturing the website. The year 2020 is loaded with high performing tools and an expensive list of digital marketing services. It becomes quite challenging to understand our website or blog’s needs. 

The basic need for any website owner or blogger would be- the on-track qudit report of their site’s performance. So, they can plan and execute further content. 


AHREFS comes to the rescue.


It is the most popular digital marketing analysis tool used for developing audit reports, backlink analysis, URL rankings, competitive analysis, and many more. 


Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool to help you punch up your website traffic. They have data for approximately 150 million keywords in the U.S. and even more for 150 other countries.


Following are the significant tasks that you can efficiently execute using Aherfs: 


  1. SITE EXPLORE- AHREFS comprehensively analysis your website and provide you the complete picture of the required improvements related to the website’s visibility and ranking in the search results. 


  1. BACKLINK- AHREFS is a popular tool website backlink analysis. This tool gives a complete load down of all the backlinks got from different 3rd party referral sites. It has a feature to showcase the backlink analysis report of your competitor’s website. 


  1. CONTENT EXPLORE- Content Explorer is another essential feature of AHREFS tool that lets you know the lists of accessible content, based on the performance metrics like social shares, organic search traffic, and Referring domains. With the help of content explorer, you can prepare a content strategy on any given topic. This is also useful for you to track any freelance writers for guest post opportunities. 


  1. URL RATING- Unlike other digital marketing tools, AHREFS provides a unique outlook into website analysis. It tells you which URL is receiving more links, both quantitatively and qualitatively. This helps in improving the URL performance by adding the keyword-rich title tag, meta description, and also content. This plays a significant role in website ranking in the search engine results.



Adding ahrefs in your tool list would make the digital marketing hassle-free and less complex for you.  

This is a tried and tested tool. 

We are highly satisfied with this tool.


We will be back here with other easy trips and tricks about digital marketing. 


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